Long Lasting Hard & Soft Chewing Treats For Dogs

Ruff Pet long lasting dog chews are made from air dried beef, buffalo, camel, chicken, duck, fish, lamb, turkey, pork, ostrich, rabbit, venison and yak. Our range extends from small and quick training rewards for puppies to soft chew treats for older dogs to hard chew treats for larger or more aggressive chewing dogs. These bulk buy dog treat selection packs, offer you and your dog the chance to sample and compare our range of 100% natural dog treats and chews.

  • Bulk Buy Dog Treats & Chews

    Discover Ruff Pet's longer-lasting dog treats, made from top-quality dried fish and meat and packed with natural goodness. These dog treat selection packs aren't just about convenience; they make perfect gifts for birthdays, holidays, and special events. Choose from a variety of flavours, styles, and product types.

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  • Dog Chews & Treats

    Ruff Pet longer lasting treats and chews for dogs and puppies like pig ears, pizzle sticks, and buffalo ears are meticulously air-dried over an extended period. Free of chemicals and made from single protein and natural ingredients, they attain a sturdy texture while remaining gentle on the digestive system — a distinction from rawhide chews.

    Are Rawhide Treats Dangerous For Dogs 
  • Destructive & Aggressive Chewing

    When selecting a long lasting dog chew, careful consideration is essential, especially for aggressive chewers. Certain options, like deer antlers, suit gentle gnawing, while the intense texture might pose risks for robust chewers, potentially causing tooth damage. Choose your chewing treats wisely to ensure healthy and happy dogs

    Long Lasting Dog Chews 
  • Dog Dental Bill Savings

    Long lasting chews play a pivotal role in maintaining excellent oral and dental health, effectively cleaning your dog's teeth with each chew. The act of chewing not only contributes to dental hygiene but also triggers the release of endorphins, providing a soothing and calming effect for your dog. Prevention is better than cure when it come's to dentist costs for dogs.

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  • Yak Dog Chew Trick!

    When your dog get to the end of their Yak Dog Chew, pop it in the microwave for 30-60 seconds which causes it to puff up, let it cool and give it back to your dog. Adding variety to the chewing experience and prolonging the enjoyment of the treat.

    Yak Dog Chews 
  • Dog Groomers & Dog Walkers

    Ruff Pet want to hear from dog groomers and dog walkers who can offer their clients a choice of our long-lasting dog treats and selection bags along with grooming and walking services? Our marketing support includes local press, Facebook and Instagram and inclusion in our dog professional’s directory. Let us help you reach a broader audience and boost sales.

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Puppy Treat Special Offers & Sales Promotions

Indulge your puppy in the joy of our puppy chews. These delightful, age-appropriate treats are designed to promote healthy teething and chewing habits. Crafted with care, they provide both entertainment and dental benefits as your puppy explores their world. Ruff Pet's puppy chews are the perfect choice to soothe your young pup's gums while encouraging strong teeth and jaws. Treat your furry companion to the best in puppy chews today!