Yak Milk Dog Treats For Sale

White labelling for dog treats can be a game-changer for your business. It's an opportunity to offer high-quality, branded products that resonate with pet owners while allowing you to focus on what you do best – building your brand and growing your customer base.

Create Your Own Label:

  • Design your unique label.
  • Leave space for Barcode, Expiration Date, Lot Number, and Size.
  • Purchase 10,000 labels at €0.08 or £0.72 each.
  • Store these labels in our warehouse.

Sizes to Choose From:

  • Select from 4 sizes: Approximately 4x22 grams (in a bag), +/- 70 grams, +/- 100 grams, and +/- 180 grams.
  • No Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).
  • We'll print the labels correctly and add them to your order.
  • If you want us to apply labels to the bones, it costs €0.24 or £0.229 per piece.

Economical Starting Option:

  • This is the most cost-effective and convenient way to begin.

Marketing Claims:

  • Himalayan Recipe
  • Fresh Milk (1 bar of 100g/3.53oz equals 3 liters of fresh milk)
  • Low in Fat
  • Low in Lactose (<4%)
  • High in Protein (Minimum 60%)
  • Alternative Source of Protein
  • 100% Natural / Clean Label
  • Long Lasting / Durable
  • Gluten-Free
  • Aged from 1 to 7 months
  • Vegetarian (Only milk)

Sales Terms:

  • Ex-works Plant in Belgium (Delivery possible; please provide your shipping address)
  • Bulk Pricing
  • Payment: 30 days from the day of pickup (applicable only if approved by an insurance company)
  • Price Validity: 2023
  • Packaging options available (refer to second files for details)
  • Europallet cost: €14
  • Industrial Pallets: €18
  • Industrial Plastic Pallet: €26
  • Transport insurance: Cost is 1% of the pallet's value, with a maximum of €50 per pallet.

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