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Highland Antler

Pure Antler Powder Supplement For Dogs

Pure Antler Powder Supplement For Dogs

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Pure Antler Powder Supplement For Dogs 500ml

Antler Powder Supplement is a natural boost for your dog's well-being! Simply sprinkle this high-quality powder onto your dog's food for a range of health benefits. Sourced from 100% naturally shed antlers, our ground Antler Powder is conveniently packaged in a sprinkle jar.

Health Benefits

Antlers are rich in these essential elements, promoting improved circulation and metabolism in your dog. It supports overall health of strong bones, flexible muscles, and joints. The minerals also contribute to maintaining healthy cells and tissues, preventing inflammation from conditions like arthritis.  It aids the immune system, contributes to cholesterol reduction, and serves as a tasty delight for your dog.

Use our Antler Powder as an extra ingredient in homemade dog biscuits for a nutritious twist, or add it as a topper to a lick mat or yours dogs daily meal.

Why choose our Antler Powder?

  • High levels of natural minerals and nutrients for improved circulation and metabolism
  • Supports bone, muscle, and joint health, maintaining overall well-being
  • Helps prevent inflammation associated with arthritis
  • Boosts the immune system and aids in reducing cholesterol
  • 100% naturally shed from free-ranging deer

Composition and Analysis:

Composition: 100% Natural Deer Antler Powder
Analysis:  Protein: 39.6%, Fat: 0.4%, Ash: 49.7%, Moisture 11.8%

Make sure you have clean, fresh water available for your dog.

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