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Bully Jerky Stick Dog Chews - 200g Pack

Bully Jerky Stick Dog Chews - 200g Pack

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Bully Jerky Stick Dog Chews

Rich in natural protein, our Bully Jerky Sticks are essential for fueling your dog's energy and supporting muscle development and maintenance.  A tasty treat for your dog or puppy from 12 weeks old.

High Value Reward

Bully Jerky Sticks are simply air-dried to preserve all the natural goodness, resulting in an irresistible scent and flavour that your dog will absolutely adore!

Protein Packed: Additionally, these Bully Jerky Sticks are a fantastic source of essential protein, ensuring your dog receives the necessary nutrients while delighting in a delightful and satisfying chew.

All-Natural and Pure: Our Beef Jerky Sticks contain no artificial chemicals or preservatives, offering only pure beef in its natural form.

With its delectable taste, it serves as an excellent high-reward treat, particularly for enthusiastic chewers who relish larger, more satisfying snacks

Composition:  100% Beef Lung
Analysis: Protein 72.8%, Fat 12.46%, Ash 1.78%

Important Note: Always Supervise: While your dog enjoys these treats, make sure to supervise their chewing. Additionally, ensure your pup has access to clean and fresh water for a happy and hydrated experience.

Variations in Size and Colour: As these are natural treats, there will be variations in size and colour.

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