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Cornish Fish Crunchies Treats For Dogs

Cornish Fish Crunchies Treats For Dogs

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Cornish Fish Crunchies Treats For Dogs

Introducing our Cornish Fish Crunchies - the ultimate treat for your dog or puppy. Made from sustainably sourced, human-grade minced whitefish skins, our crunchies are baked to perfection. 

A Great Alternative to Biscuits and Packed with Benefits

Low in fat and bursting with protein, our Cornish Fish Crunchies are grain-free fish treats offer a trove of natural goodness. Enriched with Omega 3, they contribute to healthy skin and a shiny coat. Plus, they're easily digestible and brimming with nutrition.

Perfect for Puppies: Starting from 12 weeks, even puppies can enjoy the benefits of our Cornish Fish Crunchies. As they grow, these treats offer both taste and health, making them an ideal choice for dogs at all life stages.

Quick Bites of Joy: In a hurry? Our Cornish Fish Crunchies are your answer. These quick treats are perfect for rewarding good behaviour or simply showing your dog some love.  Each treat measures 35 to 40mm in diameter, providing the perfect-sized bite for your dog's delight.

All-Natural and Hypoallergenic: Our Cornish Fish Crunchies contain no artificial chemicals or preservatives, making them a hypoallergenic choice suitable for dogs with sensitivities.

Omega-Rich and Low in Fat: These treats are slowly air-dried, making the treats crumbly and easily digestible. The Cornish Fish Crunchie treats are rich in this essential fatty acid, promoting healthy skin and a glossy coat. Plus, with their low fat content, they contribute to your dog's overall well-being.

Composition and Analysis:

Composition:  100% Whitefish
Analysis: Protein 78.5%, Fat 2.4%, Ash 18.1%, Moisture 10.7%, Fibre 0.5%

Important Note: Always Supervise: While your dog enjoys these treats, make sure to supervise their chewing. Additionally, ensure your pup has access to clean and fresh water for a happy and hydrated experience.

Variations in Size and Colour: Our Crunchies are natural, and that means variety! The size and colour of the fish may vary, showcasing the genuine essence of the product.

Cornish Fish Crunchies are a crunchy, nutritious, and delightful choice that will leave your dogs and puppies wagging for more.


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