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Long Lasting Large Buffalo Skin Roll Dog Chew - Low Fat Treat

Long Lasting Large Buffalo Skin Roll Dog Chew - Low Fat Treat

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Large Buffalo Roll Dog Chew

Indulge your dog with a satisfying Buffalo Roll chew, designed to provide longer lasting enjoyment, this is a suitable treat for your beloved dog or puppy from 12 weeks of age.

Longer Lasting Chewing

Perfect for post-walk or playtime relaxation, these tough chews serve as an engaging activity that promotes mental stimulation and triggers the release of endorphins, ensuring a content and happy dog.

Dental Health Benefits: With their durable texture, these chews effectively engage your dog's jaw, keeping it strong and healthy. As your dog chews, the treat gradually breaks down, actively aiding in the removal of tartar for cleaner teeth and fresher breath.

Protein Packed: Additionally, these Buffalo Rolls are a fantastic source of essential protein, ensuring your dog receives the necessary nutrients while delighting in a delightful and satisfying chew.  Buffalo is low fat, so these are healthy treats suitable for dogs on low fat diets.

All-Natural and Pure: Our Buffalo Rolls contain no artificial chemicals or preservatives, offering only pure beef in its natural form.

Composition:  100% Buffalo 
Analysis: Protein 76%, Fat 8%, Ash 5%

Important Note: Always Supervise: While your dog enjoys these treats, make sure to supervise their chewing. Additionally, ensure your pup has access to clean and fresh water for a happy and hydrated experience.

Variations in Size and Colour: As these are natural treats, there will be variations in size and colour.

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