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100 % Venison Meat Strips For Dogs

100 % Venison Meat Strips For Dogs

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100 % Pure Meaty Natural Venison Meaty Strips

Our Meaty 100 % Venison Chewing Strips - a treat that's as versatile as it is delicious. These strips can be given as a treat or reward anytime to puppies and dogs, whether in complete sticks or as bite-sized pieces and use them as training treats; great for puppy training!

Elevate your walks and training sessions with our Meaty Venison Strips. Dogs and puppies adore their rich flavour, making them a fantastic motivator and high value reward for training.

Wholesome Ingredients: When it comes to treats, we keep it pure. Our Meaty Venison Strips contain no added sugar or artificial colours. Only natural goodness that your dog or puppy will love.

Suitable for Growing Puppies: Starting from 12 weeks, even puppies can enjoy the yumminess of our Venison Meaty Strips. These treats are gentle on their tummies, providing a delicious and nutritious addition to their diet.

Quick and Digestible: When you're short on time, these strips come to the rescue. They're quick to serve to your dog and easy to digest, ensuring your dog's satisfaction and comfort.

Fuel for Training: Looking for treats that work well during training? Look no further. Our Meaty Venison Strips are not only tasty but also high in protein, giving your dog or puppy the energy they need for effective training sessions.

Composition and Analysis:

Composition:  100% Venison
Analysis: Protein 38.5%, Fat 31.8%, Ash 18.55%, Moisture 10.7%, Fibre 1%.

Important Note: Always Supervise: While your dog enjoys these treats, make sure to supervise their chewing. Additionally, ensure your pup has access to clean and fresh water for a happy and hydrated experience.

Variations in Size and Colour: Because our Meaty Venison Strips are natural, expect some variations in size and colour. This uniqueness is a part of the natural charm and diversity of the product.

Elevate treat time with our 100 % Venison Strips. A simple, tasty, and wholesome choice for your dog's delight.

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