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Venison Skin Chews For Dogs

Venison Skin Chews For Dogs

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Venison Skin Chews For Dogs

Our Venison Skin Chews for Dogs – a natural treat offering your dog a taste of the wild with a multitude of health benefits. These chews are not just a delicious snack; they are a nutritious and hypoallergenic option for dogs with discerning tastes and dietary sensitivities.

Long-Lasting Treat

Venison Skin chews will keep your dog engaged and satisfied for longer, they're ideal for those pups who thrive on a challenge.

Venison Goodness: Venison, with its rich flavour and lean profile. Unlike beef, it boasts lower fat and cholesterol content while still providing essential B vitamins, zinc, phosphorous, and iron. Keep your dog energised and satisfied with the goodness of venison.

Gentle on Delicate Tummies:  Our Venison Skin chews are a treat for dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies. Venison Skin is hypoallergenic and a unique protein source, ensuring that even the most delicate tummies can enjoy a treat without worry.

Air Dried Natural Goodness: Our Venison Skin Chews are air-dried to preserve their nutritional value, ensuring your dog receives a wholesome treat packed with goodness.

Chew for Dental Health: Encourage your dog's dental health naturally as they sink their teeth into these satisfying venison skin chews. Chewing helps reduce plaque and tartar build-up, keeping those teeth and gums top shape.

Puppy-Friendly Treat: Our Venison Skin chews are suitable for puppies aged 12 weeks and above.

Composition and Analysis:

Composition: 100% Venison Skin
Analysis:  Protein 88.2%, Fat 4.15%, Ash 0.4%, Moisture 6.34%

Important Note: Always Supervise: Remember to supervise your dog while they enjoy their treat or chew. It's also crucial to have clean, fresh water available for your dog.

Variations in Size and Colour: Keep in mind that natural products bring variations in size and colour.

Treat your dog to our Venison Skin chew – a combination of taste, chew satisfaction, and well-being in every piece.

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