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Yak Snack Himalayan Dog Chew

Yak Snack Himalayan Dog Chew

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Yak Snack Himalayan Dog Chew

Introducing the Yak Snack Himalayan Dog Chew – a delicious, long-lasting treat inspired by the natural, smoked cheese delicacy cherished in the Himalayas. Now your dog can enjoy this flavourful and durable chew too!

Long Lasting Chew

Low Fat: Prepared using time-honoured methods, these Yak Snack chews are a healthy, low-fat alternative to regular treats.

Heritage-Inspired: The Himalayan people have savoured the original smoked cheese for generations. Your dog is bound to relish this Yak Snack chew just as much!

Puppies: Suitable for puppies aged 12 weeks and older.

Yak and Cow Milk Blend: Made from a combination of Himalayan yak and cow milk, offering a unique taste and texture.

Longer Lasting: Treat your dog to a Yak Snack chew that's not only tasty but also keeps them occupied for longer.

Grain-Free and Hypoallergenic: Catering to dietary needs, these chews are grain-free and suitable for dogs with allergies.

Variety of Sizes

Choose from 4 sizes to match your dog's preferences and size.

Sizes Available:

  • Small: 30g – 35g
  • Medium: 70g – 75g
  • Large: 140g – 150g
  • Extra Large: 200g – 240g       (Sizes are approximate)

Ingredients:  Yak & Cows milk, Lime juice, Salt
Analysis: Crude Protein 54.9%, Crude fat 0.9%, Moisture 16.3%, Fibre 6.5%, Ash 6.8%

Allergen Alert: Contains Milk: This product contains milk, so be mindful if your dog has milk-related allergies.

Important Note: Always Supervise: Remember to supervise your dog while they enjoy their treat or chew. It's also crucial to have clean, fresh water available for your dog.

    Natural Variations: As a natural product, the size and colour of these chews may vary. 

    Treat your beloved dog or puppy to the goodness of the Yak Snack Himalayan Dog Chew – a blend of tradition, taste, and health in every bite.

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