Developing Trends In The Pet Products Market In Japan.

Developing Trends In The Pet Products Market In Japan.

In Tokyo, there's a noticeable rise in the demand for pet-related products, reflecting a shift in how pets are perceived – more like cherished family members. This evolving trend is evident in various offerings:

Unicharm Corp. and Morinaga & Co. have collaborated to introduce Gran-Deli Marie Biscuits for dogs, building on Morinaga's popular Marie biscuit brand. These dog treats, launched on September 4, are specially designed to ensure dogs can enjoy them without any digestive issues. The biscuits are miniature versions of the human Marie biscuits, with flavors like milk, cheese, and sweet potato.

Recent research conducted by Unicharm indicates a growing desire among people in their 20s and 30s to share their snacks with their canine companions. This has led to an uptick in the demand for biscuit-type dog treats, as pet owners increasingly humanize their dogs by offering them tasty and enjoyable foods.

Traditionally, dogs were often fed human food leftovers. However, there's been a shift towards specialized dog foods focused on health and canine-preferred flavors. The range of available pet treats continues to expand, catering to these evolving preferences.

Furthermore, Daio Paper Corp., known for its Elleair brand, recently ventured into the pet care market with the "Elleair Pet Kimiomoi" series. This includes various products for dogs and cats, such as pull-up diapers for dogs, color-changing cat litter for monitoring feline health, and pet-safe wet wipes.

The company aims to make the pet care business a significant part of its operations, alongside its core products like hygiene paper and human diapers. They have set a target of achieving 10 billion yen in domestic sales by fiscal 2025 and are exploring opportunities for expansion beyond Japan's borders. This highlights the potential for further growth and innovation in the pet product market.

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