Yak Chew Own Label by Ruff Pet

Yak Chew Own Label by Ruff Pet

Ruff Pet is thrilled to announce an exciting new venture that will leave pet-loving entrepreneurs and dog enthusiasts with their tails wagging. Today, we proudly unveil our "Yak Chew Own Label Service," an innovative platform that empowers you to create your brand of premium dog chews, inspired by the authentic recipes of the Himalayan region.

Ruff Pet's Cheese Bones, renowned for their rich history and delicious flavors, are now at your fingertips. Through this service, you can effortlessly start your brand, leveraging the appeal of high-protein, natural dog chews that have delighted canines for generations.

Why Choose the Yak Chew Own Label Service?

Seamless Branding: With our user-friendly platform, you can design your unique branding with just one label. We even provide space for essential product information, including barcodes, expiration dates, lot numbers, and sizes.
Cost-Effective Labeling: Purchase 10,000 labels at an economical price of 0.08 euro or 0.72 GBP each, and we'll store them in our warehouse for your convenience.
Size Variety: Start with four sizes to cater to your target audience. Choose from options like approximately 4x22 grams (in a bag), +/- 70 grams, +/- 100 grams, and +/- 180 grams. There's no minimum order requirement (MOQ), so you can scale as needed.
Printing Expertise: Our team ensures labels are printed correctly and added to your orders. If you prefer, we can even apply the labels to the bones at a cost of 0.24 euro (0.229 GBP) per piece. It's the most cost-effective and convenient way to kickstart your own brand.

The Quality Behind the Label: Ruff Pet's Cheese Bones

Ruff Pet's Cheese Bones are rooted in a century-old high-protein recipe from the Himalayan region of Nepal. Reduced in lactose, these chews attract dogs with their cheese flavor and captivate them with their long-lasting, durable texture. When you white-label our premium dog chews, you're offering your customers a taste of authenticity and quality.

Bringing Marketing Claims and Sales Terms to Life

Our Cheese Bones come with compelling marketing claims that resonate with dog owners worldwide. From the appeal of a Himalayan recipe and low lactose content to the high protein levels, we offer a premium product that your brand can be proud of. Our sales terms, including ex-works plant Belgium delivery, bulk pricing, and favorable payment options, make it a lucrative addition to your brand.

Get Started Today

Embark on a journey to create your brand of dog treats and explore the market for "Yak Milk Dog Chews" with the Yak Chew Own Label Service by Ruff Pet. We invite entrepreneurs, pet lovers, and dog enthusiasts to join us on this exciting adventure.

Contact us to begin your branding journey and take the first step toward an exciting and rewarding opportunity in the pet industry.

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