Collection: Cow Hooves For Dogs - Long Lasting Treat For Dogs

Cow Hooves provide long lasting chewing enjoyment, whether enjoyed as they are or filled with your dog's favourite treats.

Natural - These cow hooves undergo a meticulous process of cleaning, trimming, cooking, and drying, all without the involvement of artificial preservatives or chemicals.

Gluten-Free and Wholesome - Catering to sensitive tummies, these hooves are gluten-free, ensuring a treat that's gentle on your dog's digestion.

High in Protein: These hooves boast a significant protein content, offering a fulfilling and nourishing option for your dog.

Dental Health: These hooves act as a natural tool, aiding in the maintenance of your dog's dental health as they chew.

Low Fat, High Value: Striving for balanced nutrition, these hooves are low in fat, elevating their value as a beneficial addition to your dog's diet.

Cow Hooves are a natural healthy long lasting treat for your dog.