Collection: Training Treats For Dogs & Puppies

Our Training Treats are designed to be irresistible to both Dogs & Puppies, they're the ultimate high-value reward for successful training. And with their compact size, you can effortlessly carry them along in your pocket.

Pure Natural Goodness - Our Training Treats are small cubes of pure natural goodness made from 100% meat. They're air-dried 

Suitable for All Ages - From lively puppies to seasoned adults, our Training Treats suit dogs of all ages. Elevate your training sessions with these delectable bites.

Nutrient-Packed - Our treats are air-dried to preserve their moisture and nutrients, offering a wholesome and delightful snack, without any added ingredients

Catering to All Sizes: Whether your dog is big or small, they cater to every size. They're also naturally grain-free, making them an excellent choice for dogs with dietary sensitivities.

Elevate your training experience with our Training Treats – a combination of flavour, health, and convenience in every bite.