Collection: Dried Ostrich Treats & Chews For Dogs

Ostrich treats & chews for dogs are a nourishing delight designed to cater to dogs of all ages. Ostrich meat boasts a rich content of essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, ensuring optimal health benefits. Moreover, its low fat content makes it an excellent option even for dogs with weight concerns.

Omega-3 and Omega-6 Richness - Ostrich meat is a natural source of essential fatty acids, contributing to overall well-being

Weight Management - With its low fat content, ostrich meat is suitable for dogs aiming to maintain a healthy weight.

Perfect for Puppies - Ostrich meat is a fantastic treat for puppies, providing essential nutrients for their growth.

Safer Chewing - Ostrich bones feature a honeycomb structure that crumbles as your dog chews, ensuring a safe chewing experience without splintering.

Suitable for All Dogs - From puppies over 12 weeks to adult dogs, ostrich treats and chews are a wholesome option for every furry friend.

Choose Ostrich Treats & Chews for a combination of flavour, health benefits, and safety in every bite. Your dog's happiness is just a treat away!