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Gourmet Venison Sausage Treat For Dogs

Gourmet Venison Sausage Treat For Dogs

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Gourmet Venison Sausage Treats For Dogs

Our Gourmet Venison Sausage Treats are a blend of flavour and health that your dog will adore. Discover the goodness these Gourmet Venison sausages bring to dogs and puppies of all sizes and breeds.

A Sausage Made For Dogs

Our Gourmet Venison Sausages serve as ideal training treats (if chopped up!) for dogs with allergies, digestive sensitivities, or a delicate stomach. Expect nothing less than excellence! Our Gourmet Venison Sausages are made with the purest ingredients, ensuring a premium treat for your dog's well-being.

Suitable for Puppies: From 12 weeks onward, these Gourmet Venison Sausages are suitable for puppies. Quick and convenient, they make for an excellent treat anytime.

Quick and Beneficial: These Gourmet Venison Sausages are not only delicious but also serve as great training aids, encouraging good behaviour.

Protein-Packed: With a composition of Venison 30%, Beef 20%, Chicken 20%, Beef meal and essential minerals, these Gourmet Venison Sausages deliver a high-protein punch for your dog's vitality.

Thoughtful Additives: With permitted preservative sodium meta bisulphite E223, we ensure a safe and well-preserved treat.

Composition and Analysis:

Composition: Venison 30%, Beef 20%, Chicken 20%, Beef meal, minerals
Additives:  Permitted preservative: sodium meta bisulphite E223
Analysis: Crude Protein 36.2%, Crude oils & fats 21.9%, Crude Fibre 24.8%, Moisture 18.3%, Crude Ash 6.2%

Important Note: Always Supervise: Remember to supervise your dog while they enjoy their treat or chew.  It's also crucial to have clean, fresh water available for your dog.

Variations in Size and Colour: As with all natural products, there may be variations in size and colour.

200g - approximately 10 sausages
500g - approximately 25 sausages

Our Gourmet Venison Sausage Treats are a blend of taste and well-being for your dog or puppy.

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