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1kg Dried Beef Gullet Strip Treats For Dogs - Low Fat, Joint Health

1kg Dried Beef Gullet Strip Treats For Dogs - Low Fat, Joint Health

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1kg Beef Gullet Strips Chew Treats For Dogs

Our long lasting dried beef gullet strips are a treat that's both delicious and beneficial for your dog or puppy. Made from fresh, premium beef muscle, these strips are the ultimate long lasting chewy treat for your dog or puppy.

Health-Packed and Natural

Beef Gullet Strips chews are not only a tasty treat but also a health boost. These strips are naturally high in protein, low in fat, and even serve as a natural source of chondroitin for joint health.  Beef Gullet Strips contain only pure beef without any hidden ingredients.

Perfect for Puppies: From 12 weeks onward, these Beef Gullet Strips are perfect for both puppies and adult dogs. They provide a satisfying longer lasting chew and a boost of goodness.

A Chew That Lasts: Our Beef Gullet Strips are just right. They offer a medium-lasting chew, perfect for keeping your dog engaged and content.

Nature's Chondroitin Boost: Beef Gullet Strips are a natural source of chondroitin, which supports joint health. 

All-Natural and Pure: Our Beef Gullet Strips contain no artificial chemicals or preservatives, offering only pure beef in its natural form.

Low in Fat and Grain-Free: Beef Gullet Strips are not only low in fat but also grain-free, making them a healthy choice for dogs with dietary sensitivities.

Composition and Analysis:

Composition:  100% Beef Gullet
Analysis: Crude Protein 56.2%, Crude Fat 10.9%, Fibre 1.7%, Moisture 9.9%

Important Note: Always Supervise: While your dog enjoys these treats, make sure to supervise their chewing. Additionally, ensure your pup has access to clean and fresh water for a happy and hydrated experience.

Variations in Size and Colour: Because our Beef Gullet Strips are natural, they might vary in size and colour. This reflects their genuine and unaltered nature.

Beef Gullet Strips are a delicious, healthy, and satisfying choice that will have your dog or puppy's tails wagging in joy.

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