Collection: 100% Just Meat Strips For Dogs & Puppies

Discover a treat your dog will absolutely adore – our 100% Just Meaty Strips! These delectable strips serve as the perfect treat or reward, suitable for any time of day. Whether offered whole or broken into bite-sized pieces, they're an ideal choice for various occasions.

Walks and Training - Dogs relish the rich taste, while you'll appreciate their easy handling. These strips are an excellent motivator during training sessions.

Wholesome Goodness - 100% Just Meaty Strips contain only meat.

Perfect for Growing Puppies - From 12 weeks onward, even puppies can enjoy the deliciousness of our Meaty Strips. 

Quick and Digestible - They're quick to serve and easy to digest, ensuring your dog's happiness and comfort.

Abundant Protein - Vital for energy and overall well-being, their high protein content supports muscle development and your dog's vitality.

Treat your dog to the delight of 100% Pure Meaty Strips – a fusion of taste, health, and happiness in every bite.