Collection: Treats & Chews for Puppies & Younger Dogs

Longer Lasting Treats and Chews for Puppies: Providing the Best for Your Puppy

Moderation is Key - For puppies, we recommend one natural chew per day alongside their regular food. It's crucial to introduce new treats gradually and supervise your pet during eating.

Training with Care -  Training treats can serve as a regular delight or a reward for essential training aspects like recall and toilet training. Remember, even natural treats should be given in moderation to avoid upsetting sensitive puppy tummies.

Teething, Boredom, and Reward: Our natural puppy chews and treats have diverse benefits. They're effective in soothing teething discomfort, alleviating boredom, frustration, and anxiety, and serving as rewards for positive behaviour.

Size Matters: Tailoring to all sizes, our natural range includes both large and small treats – all 100% natural, delicious, and devoid of unnecessary additives.

Elevate your puppy's experience with treats and chews designed for their well-being. 

Treats & Chews for Puppies & Younger Dogs